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Roughly eighteen months ago, the “Lien Agent” became part of North Carolina’s construction process.  While many contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are complying with the requirements related to obtaining and noticing the lien agent for each project, there remain a large number of contractors and subcontractors who are not aware of the “new” process.  While this can prove frustrating for those complying with the law, it also can provide an opportunity to offer customers a “value-added” educational opportunity.

If you are interested in having one of Hannah Sheridan Loughridge & Cochran’s lawyers come to one (or more) of your centers to offer a seminar to your sales force and/or your customers, let us know.  We have offered this service to several clients and those clients seem to be meeting less resistance from their customers. And, those clients report that the system, while far from perfect, seems to be working to the extent of its improving communication before closings occur.



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