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Technology Law

Technology has become a vital part of most people’s lives, as well as business strategy. In response, technology law is a growing and complex area of law. As technologies continue to advance, new legal issues arise at a rapid pace. To keep up with the latest developments, lawyers must have specific skills and knowledge. Whether an issue involves social media content, computer code, Internet protocol or hardware, we work collaboratively to conduct technology transactions and mediate technology disputes.

Areas of Technology Law

This discipline encompasses numerous legal areas related to science and technology. Technology law includes a wide array of tangible and intangible property rights issues, like intellectual property. It’s also the legal aspects of manufacturing and marketing technology, as well as technological innovation, scientific experimentation, and other creative activities.

With the world largely dependent on technology, it’s no surprise that the body of law that governs technology is vast and complex. As technological innovation continues to advance the way business is conducted, it also presents challenges for clients, practitioners, and policymakers. Technology law is a rapidly evolving field in which new issues arise every day.

Technology law includes patent law, privacy law, cyber security, cybercrime, data security, antitrust law, biotech, regulatory compliance, and more.

Communication technologies are particularly vulnerable since media, free speech, and privacy laws are all incorporated into science and technology law. The development of hardware and software presents unique challenges to the traditional legal infrastructure governing transmission rights, intellectual property, liability, privacy rights, and free speech.

Addressing Legal Issues

We strategically collaborate with our attorneys on a wide variety of technology transactions, such as hardware development agreements, software license agreements, co-investor agreements, corporate formations, and employee policies. HSC attorney Chad Cochran holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and works closely with clients to resolve legal issues.

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