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mane smiling shaking hands with another man

Choosing A Legal Structure: An Important First Step to Business Format

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has spent more time inside their homes than in the…

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yellow bankruptcy road sign with house in background
legal mallet

Understanding and Navigating North Carolina Courts

An experienced lawyer sits down with her client. She listens intently to the client’s telling…

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magnifying glass looking through interest rates data

Using Interest Rate as a Negotiation Tool

From an attorney’s perspective, it is easy to see that many customers view their suppliers…

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bankruptcy documents

Bankruptcy Preference Amendments

Have you ever tried to be nice to a struggling customer only to have a…

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man calculating small claims court costs

Small Claims Matters and North Carolina’s New Guide & File

The legal system can be difficult to navigate, and occasionally it may seem that the…

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payroll documents

Payroll Tax Deferral

If you noticed an increase in your paycheck beginning in mid-September, you’re not the only…

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judge with mallet

What Do Judges Do?

Ever wonder what the difference is between a District Court Judge, a Superior Court Judge,…

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man working with lumber

Erratic Lumber Prices, Force Majeure, and Price Escalation Clauses

Construction supply costs generally increase a small amount over time. Yet, sometimes market pressures result…

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person using credit card online

Credit Card Processing Fees: What Are Your Options?

For many years, credit card agreements forbade merchants from passing along the cost of accepting…

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