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Credit Card Processing Fees: What Are Your Options?

For many years, credit card agreements forbade merchants from passing along the cost of accepting credit cards. With airline miles, cash back, and other incentives for consumers to use credit cards, merchants are experiencing ever increasing fees as more and…


Bankruptcy Preference Claims 101

For the past 5 years or so, the economic recovery resulted in fewer business bankruptcies. For many creditors, this lull provided a needed opportunity not to consider what happens when a customer files a bankruptcy petition. While the numbers remain…


What You Need to Know If You Deny Credit

Over the past few years, the economy has hummed along and picked up speed. As the economy recovered credit standards relaxed a bit. Also, credit departments hired new staff who do not remember the Great Recession in terms of how…


Lien Law Primer

Is the new lien law working or is the economy simply humming along?  A good question for all those involved in the construction industry right now.  As April arrives, we complete the fourth year under the new age of the…

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