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New North Carolina Laws for 2015

The New Year not only brings celebration and resolutions, but a whole host of new laws in North Carolina.   The following are some of the more interesting laws that went into effect in North Carolina on January 1, 2015.

Real Estate Disclosures:  Sellers of real property after January 1, 2015 will be required to furnish a mineral and gas rights disclosure statement.  In essence, the seller must disclosure to the purchaser whether the property’s mineral rights are still attached or whether they have been previously sold.

Election Changes:  In order to file as a party’s candidate in a political primary, the individual must have been affiliated with the party for at least 90 days prior and must also file economic statements\disclosures with the State Ethics Commission.

Hunting Fees:  The Wildlife Resources Commission is faced with new restrictions on how high it can raise fees on fishing and hunting licenses.  In order to keep licenses affordable, the fees can no longer be raised beyond a measure of inflation over the past five years.

Motor Vehicle Laws:  Individuals who are placed on probation or sentenced for driving while impaired will now serve their sentence at a local jail or confinement facility.  They will no longer serve their sentence in North Carolina state prisons.

Mandatory Retirement for Magistrates:  Magistrates are now forced to retire at the age of 72, the same as North Carolina Judges.


New NC Laws 2015

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