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Many of our clients know that I (Nan) have a new cat which has in many ways rocked my neat and orderly little world.  The cat provides a new window into the world and relationships.  For example, over the years, clients become friends both literally and in the social media sense.  Therefore, it is not uncommon these days for a client to call for legal services, but open the conversation with “how is Sasha?”  

If you think about the business world in years gone by, there were boundaries and a sense of formality that often separated groups.  Now, in many senses, those formalities are taking a step back – ex. this blog article.  Hopefully, professionalism remains as lawyers, being one example, wear suits a bit less often, write in a more accessible style, and improve their communication with clients.  My father became friends with most of his clients and I hope to continue to foster such relationships with mine. But, I hope that the clients do not feel that the waning formality in any way takes away from my professionalism or my efficacy as a lawyer.  Those qualities are hallmarks of what the lawyers of Hannah Sheridan Loughridge strive to provide for our clients.  The cat simply provides comic relief on a regular basis.




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