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NCLBGC Complaints

The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) is the authoritative body for the licensing of general contractors in the State of North Carolina. In the course of a construction project, contractors can behave in a manner that is harmful to a consumer. In these situations, one potential course of action for the consumer is to file a complaint against the general contractor through the NCLBGC.


Consumers can file a complaint through the NCLBGC website by requesting a complaint form. After the form is submitted, the NCLBGC will undertake the task of investigating the complaint. The general contractor will then be notified of the complaint and given a chance to respond to the allegations laid out by the consumer. Then, the case is sent to the Board’s Review Committee, and a determination is made as to whether a hearing should be held. In situations where a hearing is held, the Board has the authority to revoke or suspend the contractor’s license.


While complaints can allow a consumer to have their grievances heard, it is important to note that the NCLBGC does not have the authority to require a general contractor to repair problems, levy a fine, or pay money back to a consumer. If a consumer wishes to receive money from the general contractor, they will need to pursue legal proceedings through the court system.

Our Team

The attorneys at Hannah Sheridan & Cochran, LLP have experience representing general contractors before the NCLBGC. If you are a general contractor and a complaint has been filed against you, please contact one of the HSC attorneys to assist you throughout the process.

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