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The Value of Community

This past week served as a reminder of the value of community. First, define community. In this case, there are several communities. There is community within the walls of our office where the five of us are family. Then, there is family in the sense of folks interconnected by blood and marital bonds. Next, a community made up of friends and clients. Last, in this situation, there is community among members of the bar.

A week ago, our office world was rolling along as usual except one lawyer was not feeling well. By the end of the day, he was in the hospital with a serious diagnosis. Over the past week, each of the communities described above has rallied to the cause. The office community provided legal assistance and moral support to our ill colleague and his family, while also tackling the task of making certain clients of the firm were fully represented. The family community swelled to its full extended size and provided support, love and comfort for the patient, each other and the firm. As calls have been made to the final two communities each has risen to the occasion by providing assistance, breathing space, words of support, and anything else they could.

The family that is Hannah Sheridan & Cochran wish to express our appreciation to all those who have been there for us in this time of need. There is still a journey to be made but we are confident and comforted by all our communities. And more appreciative than we can say.

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