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The Post-Judgment Toolbox: Consequences for Failure to Comply

Throughout the supplemental proceedings process a number of orders might be issued by the Court, and debtors must follow the Court’s instruction closely. If a debtor fails to comply with the Court’s order, they can be punished for contempt. When a person is found in civil contempt in such a matter, generally, the Court may issue an order for arrest pursuant to which the debtor may be imprisoned until the cause for contempt is purged, often for up to 90 days. Ultimately, however, a debtor being arrested does not itself help recover the funds owed to a creditor, but the pressure provided by this potential result can make the rest of the tools in your post-judgment toolbox more effective.

More information regarding this statute governing is available below.

N.C. Gen. Stat. 1-368: 

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