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Estate Planning at HSC

Here at Hannah, Sheridan & Cochran, LLP, we have long been known as a construction law and business litigation firm. However, recently we have diversified our practice by adding an estate planning practice area. In doing so, we created a process to help us better serve our clients throughout the estate planning process.

Our process begins when a potential client calls with interest in our estate planning services. We send an Estate Planning Questionnaire to an interested client that helps collect information related to the potential client’s assets, family, goals, and current estate plan structure (if any). Our Questionnaire is extensive, and not all questions apply to all people. The Questionnaire is our way to get potential clients thinking about the information that is important to consider during the estate planning process and get as much pertinent information as possible in one place to facilitate a better discussion throughout the process. Please do not let the extensiveness of the questionnaire overwhelm you, attempt to complete as much of the questionnaire as possible. Any questions you may have can be talked through during the consultation step of the process.

When we receive a returned Questionnaire from a potential client, the next step in our process is a paid consultation in which the client will sit down with one of our attorneys to discuss their goals and determine what is necessary to achieve those goals. At the initial consultation the client will be asked to bring any current estate planning documents, and any other documentation referred to in the Questionnaire, or that they deem necessary to help the attorney understand the entirety of the situation. At the end of the consultation, the attorney will make recommendations regarding next steps, to include all estate planning documents necessary to achieve the potential client’s estate planning goals.

If the potential client chooses to move forward with us to carry out the recommended plan following the initial consultation, our team will send a contract for legal services. Once we have received a signed contract and any fees associated with the contract, our team will reach out to schedule a signing appointment and begin working on the documents.  All draft documents will be circulated for review a few days before the signing appointment to avoid major changes during the appointment. After the signing appointment, our team will make copies of the documents for our file and send the client home with the originals.

If you are interested in discussing estate planning with one of our attorneys or have any questions about the estate planning process, please contact us at 919-859-6840.


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